Tactical Line
This line was designed to keep the original conformation of the weapon unchanged, so the Gladio compensator is made to fit the standard A2 Birdcage already fitted onto your weapon. The big difference in performance is determined by the technological core created by Turelli Technical Arms with innovative geometrical structures that make Gladio Tactical the top product in the tactical field.
Our compensator significantly reduces the recoil and muzzle rise of the weapon. It also stabilizes rightward torsion of the rifle (due the right-handed rotation of the bullet as it crosses through the barrel). Gladio will revolutionize the way your shoot!
This line, in addition to the Gladio TC223 compensator, presents the innovative Flash Hider Gladio FH223, a niche product that satisfies shooters who want zero firing flash.

Utmost care was given when designing and making the Gladio compensator in terms of the choice of materials used and the different thermal treatments applied to the product during manufacturing, for the best possible result that approaches perfection.
Gladio TC223-AM is made with AISI 420B stainless steel; Gladio FH223-AM is made with carbon steel. Both are mechanically manufactured and heat treated to guarantee the right elasticity in the areas of most stress when firing.
It then undergoes galvanizing treatment to boost protection against corrosion.
Lastly, it undergoes a special coating treatment applying a metallic film in a vacuum, guaranteeing superior flow of firing gases, reducing erosion and the deposit of unburned material transported by the heat. The laser incision of our brand completes the processing and guarantees the originality of the piece.
Gladio Compensator TC223-AM
Maximum stability of the weapon, drastic reduction of the recoil and muzzle rise for far superior performance. Specific for all AR15 platforms with ½" American thread.
TC223-AM TC223-AM TC223-AM TC223-AM